ISRO Sets New Record You Must Know

Great news, ISRO Sets New Record You Must Know. Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO sets a new record launches 20 satellites on one rocket into space successfully on 22 June 2016. This is a great achievement for ISRO and India. Indian Space Research Organisation workhorse Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle called (PSLV-C34). In 2008 ISRO had sent 10 satellites into orbit in a single mission. It took 26 minutes to reached into the Orbit. The great thing is in total 20 satellites there are two student satellites from Indian universities and 17 of four foreign countries.

The Rocket lifted off at 9.25 A.M., PSLV-C34 ware 44.4 Metre tall and weighing 320 tons. Till date India has launched 57 foreign satellites successfully. Russia holds the world record for placing the most number of satellites in a single launch. Its Dnepr rocket launched 37 satellites in 2014.

Facts about PSLV-C34

  • The cost of PSLV-C34 that is reportedly about 10 times less than other space agencies.
  • Exactly at 9.26 a.m. the PSLV rocket standing.
  • 44.4 metres tall.
  • Weighing 320-tonne tore.
  • Carrying 17 foreign small satellites from Canada, Indonesia, Germany and the US.
  • The total weight of all the satellites is 1,288 kg.

Watch ISRO Launches video (PSLV-C34) with 20 Satellites