Flipkart Co-Founder Purchased House For Rs 32 Crore

When you visit Mumbai you try to see Mukesh Ambani’s house which cast is more than $1 billion and world’s most expensive home. Now Flipkart Co-Founder Purchased House For Rs 32 Crore, if a visit to Bengaluru thinks one more house that is Flipkart co-founder and CEO Binny Bansal’s house. Mr. Bansal has purchased a new house at Koramangala in Bengaluru nearly $5-million around Rs 32-crore. The house is around 10,000-sq-ft.

http://www.indrakant.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/flipkart-co-founder-purchased-house-rs-32-crore.jpgFlipkart Co-Founder Purchased House For Rs 32 Crore

Binny Bansal co-founded the e-commerce platform Flipkart with Sachin Bansal. Binny Bansal is originally from Chandigarh and his business partner Sachin Bansal is also from the same place Chandigarh. Binny was previously employed with Amazon for 9 months before finding Flipkart.

Flipkart founded in 2007 by two software engineer Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal. Both pass out from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi). Now Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce or on-line shopping. Flipkart’s revenue is around 2,846 crore

If we think about other business tycoon’s house Mr. Ratan Tata’s house cost around Rs 125 Crore. Gautam Singhania’s JK house which is situated at Breach Kandy Mumbai cost more than 110 Crore. Vijay Mallya founder of Kingfisher, Mallya’s house cost around 100 Crore situated in Bangalore. Naveen Jindal’s house cost is around 125 Crore.

I personally congratulate to Mr. Binny Bansal for the new house, big achievement at such a young age. And hope we will get products deliver on time from Flipkart.